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Article of the week - Possible Worlds of KH3 - The Emperor’s New Groove

While it’s true that Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an amazing film about a famous legend filled with deep characters, it’s a little more on the serious side. Sometimes what you need is a good old laugh, and the perfect movie to provide many laughs is The Emperor’s New Groove. That’s not the only thing it’s perfect for – seeing as, if it was, I wouldn’t be writing about it - it’s also perfect for being a world in Kingdom Hearts III!

Being set in the ancient Incan empire, the world of The Emperor’s New Groove includes a wide variety of locations for curious explorers. There are isolated, peaceful villages with crops and farms maintained by friendly peasants. Surrounding them are dense, dark jungles that you can get quite lost in if you don’t know the way, and are even worse if you aren’t familiar with the dangerous animals that inhabit them. Read more >

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Featured blog - whatever-lies-beyond-thismorning

For October 2014, this month's featured blog is whatever-lies-beyond-thismorning! Brittany has created an awesome blog with guides to many different aspects of the series. Not only is the site easy to navigate, but provides Kingdom Hearts fans an easy to use guide and source.

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